Window Designs Red doorWindow Designs is a family run business based in the South East which was established in 1990. Our factory is located in Eastbourne, East Sussex where we fabricate a wide range of windows, doors and conservatories from Eurocell, Spectus and SMART systems uPVC and aluminium products.

Our product

​Our product range has expanded so we're uniquely positioned to deliver a responsive and personal service. This means that we can meet the needs and demands of any project. We pride ourselves on the time and attention to detail that we provide. Due to this, our customers receive quality products, value for money and most importantly, the right product for the job.

Firstly our product range has adapted and changed over the years as technology and regulations have changed. We keep a watchful eye on the industry, as a result, we're prepared for new building regulations and deliver the latest in technology. Secondly, communication is a key element in the service that we deliver. Consequently, we take care that changes and/or developments within the industry, technology and product are communicated effectively to our customers. This ensures that they’re fully equipped with the knowledge that they need.

How we innovate

​From the beginning, we've always been a company who's embraced change. In the first few years, we spent time looking for the right companies to work with to bring quality and value to the South East. We've always been at the forefront of industry technology and trends. For instance, our Factory Manager, Colin Bray, devised a way to bring uPVC Bi-Fold doors to the market in the South East in 2005. Because of this Window Designs was the first uPVC fabricator in the South East to produce uPVC Bi-Fold doors.

​That wasn’t the only time Window Designs were the first to market with a new product and technology in the South East. We were at the forefront in energy-efficiency certifying the first A-Rated window in the South East, with the BFRC in 2008. This was two years before the building regulations changed in 2010, including energy ratings for the first time.

Our product range

We manufacture a comprehensive range of products including high performance and energy-efficient flush sash and casement windows, vertical sliders, bi-fold doors and lantern lights among others. All of our products are manufactured in house and supported by our range of services which includes;​


  • Same day response
  • 24 hour response
  • Unbiased information and advice
  • Free quotations
  • Drawings
  • Complete service – All in one place from ordering to quality control
  • Georgian and square lead calculation and design
  • Skip and recycling facilities

These are just a few examples of how Window Designs delivers a quality product and personal service and will continue to develop and adapt. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01323 639052 or email sales@windowdesigns.co.uk.

​We look forward to chatting to you.

​The Window Designs Team